Lead Vocalist and Lyricist – KAT

Lead vocalist and lyricist – KAT, aka Marta Van Velzen, is a new artist who released her debut single “You’re Not Sleeping in My Bed Tonight” with producer Jacob Light, owner of Modern Tones Studios. Her EP followed shortly after, released with young producer and artist Lorenzo Wood. KAT is the lead vocalist and lyricist for her band KAT van Morgan. She writes daily, pouring her heart out on the pages, clumsily strumming her guitar and having fun collaborating with her band. She gives the audience a raw, unfiltered emotional experience with her sweet yet soulful voice. KAT describes herself as a country girl influenced by R&B, jazz, rock and pop music. Born in San Francisco, California, and raised in Aurora, Colorado, she later returned to her roots in the East Bay of California where she found music again. Preschool owner and operator, a loving mother of two daughters and a devoted wife that’s reaching for her dreams, KAT is giving all of herself in creating and making music.


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